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An All-in-One Real Estate Plugin Solution for Brokerages and Agents Integrated with a High Powered Real Estate CRM Solution.

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Masterdigm WordPress Real Estate Plugin

Manage your real estate website with the Masterdigm Responsive Real Estate Property Plugin.


Beautiful Website Design


Property Listings


Responsive and mobile friendly layout


Interactive Map

Real Estate Plugin Features

Masterdigm WordPress real estate plugin comes with so many features!  Here is a partial list of what you get with the plugin:

  1. Mapping properties:  You will be able to view properties on a map without having to use pagination!  This means that whatever is within the map boundary will show up.
  2. Property Alerts:  When a client signs up through your website, they will have the opportunity to set up property profiles.
  3. Pop up Sign Up Box: You can control how many times the sign up box will pop up.  You can even control whether they can close it!
  4. Facebook and Google sign up process:  Add your credentials and allow you website visitor to sign up using their Facebook or Google sign-in process!  Great way to capture the leads name and email.
  5. County, City, Community page creation:  The Masterdigm WordPress real estate plugin creates thousands of pages, i.e., city pages with the properties showing on those pages.  Great for SEO.
Real Estate CRM Features

With the Masterdigm Real Estate CRM, it has so many features that its best to go to the Flaghip site, “real estate crm“.

But to give an overview, here are just some of the features!

  1. Lead Management: Leads can be shared within a team.  Leads can also be shared within Franchises!
  2. Document management: Masterdigm has a document management system within the CRM.  You can manage appraisals, maps, marketing materials and more.
  3. Property Management: This is where Masterdigm real estate CRM and WordPress real estate plugin make the shift above the rest.  You can manage 1000’s of properties within the CRM and push them to as many websites you own.  One repository controls many websites.

Please continue to look around and let us know if you would like to discuss more options!

Beautiful Website Design

Our Real Estate Website Design team really knows how to make the most out of your vision.

Property Listings

Manage your real estate website with the Masterdigm Responsive Real Estate Property Plugin. It works with any theme!

Responsive and mobile friendly layout

Real Estate Website, Single Property Sites, Email Marketing Service, Search Engine-optimized, Mobile-friendly

Interactive Map

Intagrated and highly functional map. Showing available properties.

Why Masterdigm WordPress Real Estate Listing Plugin and the Flagship CRM?

Needing a WordPress real estate plugin?  If you are Real Estate Brokerage firm, working in residential and/or commercial, a single Agent or a professional Website Development team looking to build high-end real estate listings website(s), then the Masterdigm plugin “solution” is your brilliant choice! Not simply a plugin.. but a full solution!

Masterdigm Real Estate Listings plugin is truly a “full real estate solution” allowing for ease of access to manage a myriad of very important job descriptions within a real estate company/organization. From Lead Sharing amongst the RE team, Reports, Email Marketing/Blast, Property Management, lead incubation and the conversion process, it does all these important business functions and more!

And New Features come out weekly! (see our upcoming features list). Have a custom solution in mind? Let’s talk!

Getting Started

Watch the 3 videos to know how to Get Started

1st Video


2nd Video

Setting Up your Masterdigm Real Estate WordPress Plugin (2nd Step)

3rd Video

More about CRM / Adding property inside the CRM

Featured Project

Dream Homes of Cabo

Dream Homes of Cabo only employs persons who demonstrate confidence, charisma, passion and most of all, integrity and professionalism. They are proud to be a group of multinational men and women who care for their clients, their coworkers, and their company. They consistently work to raise the standards of real estate in Los Cabos, Mexico and to contribute to the community they call home.

Currently using Masterdigm’s wordpress real estate plugin

Website Details

Wordpress based website integrated with the Masterdigm plugin, an All-in-One Real Estate Plugin Solution for Brokerages and Agents Integrated with a High Powered Real Estate CRM Solution. Website design has Responsive layout – a beautiful design that adapts to the screen size of your visitors device. Retina Display – crystal clear and beautiful on iphones, ipads and android devices. The project is also Search Engine Optimized.

Our Tasks

Wordpress Real Estate Website with responsive layout and beautiful design.

Plugins used:

  • Masterdigm Real Estate plugin
  • Masterdigm Property Sitemap Generator
  • Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Wordfence Secutiry Plugin

Skills Involved

  • Photoshop
  • Masterdigm
  • WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascripts
  • PHP

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